We retired one of our horses to be a pasture companion, only to find her years later destined for the slaughterhouses in Mexico. We bought her from a shady horse dealer & reunited her with her now-grown colt that we raised at our farm. After this experience, we wanted to make a difference.

Lucky 7 is run by 3 hardworking Pony Club kids with support from entrepreneurial parents encouraging them to learn how to run a business. A portion of all sales are donated to horse rescue & retired Thoroughbred placement organizations.

Why Lucky 7? Our mare came to us with the name “Lucky” & we named her colt Seven because he is the seventh foal we have raised. The number seven is also considered to be a lucky number the world over. We rescued her as a 17-year-old. Lucky indeed. Sometimes the world works in mysterious ways…

Wishing you the most in luck & love,

The Atkinson Family